We use the latest and best quality casting material so that you have the lowest odour, most comfortable and most importantly most durable cast on the market. Our therapist will be able to easily make your cast to suit your fracture or injury. They will also give you thorough advice on what you should and should not do whilst you have the cast on. Make an appointment and come in. No need to wait in a long line at the hospital emergency department, and what is more you will be fitted by a qualified Physiotherapist who can also give you advice to optimise your recovery.

Waterproof Casts:

We use the best quality products which have superior strength, durability and comfort to all other products on the market in Australia. Waterproof casting is by far the most convenient method of casting and will allow you to shower or bath without any concerns.

Back Slabs:

A back slab can be removed by the patient or physician taking care of the patient when needed. Unlike most standard back slabs, we use the latest materials, which moulds quickly and cleanly, and it will not break up or break down as time goes by.

  • Practitioner is well trained in fracture casting and fracture management.
  • Only the latest and best quality casting material, minimising odour, increasing patient comfort and durability
  • Allows for easy access for patients already within the medical centre, reducing waiting times at local hospitals & improving patient education about fracture management and expectations after removal.
  • Informative and educational post-fracture management rehabilitation with clear communication to relevant GP.
  • We fit, care for and remove all fracture casts whilst maintaining contact with patients.

Our casting equipment is top of the line and convenient. Come in and discover the difference.

Your Physiotherapist

William is motivated by combining effective education and enhanced manual therapy skills with exercise and strength and conditioning.